Over 135 direct interconnects ranging from PTT’s and Mobile
Network Operators to in-country direct suppliers
We are focused solely on direct routes, so we are able to control
Robust network
infrastructure along with
long-standing partnerships
with leading worldwide
carriers enables us to
provide superior quality
Wholesale Messaging
service reduce complexity
of interconnections for
operators, as well the cost
for SMS interworking
More than 200 connected
allows ECO
Network to provide
operators with an
increasing number of
destinations supporting
voice, SMS and data
We offer a complete range
of Premium Rate Numbers,
including geographic
numbers, mobile numbers,
non-geographic numbers
and free phone numbers
Value Added Services are
used to provide services
with an added value, rates
used are higher than usual
and a part of the paid
amount is forwarded to the
service provider.

Why ECO Networks
What we do the best

Combining our 15 years of industry experience and our strategic partnerships, ECO Networks is positioned as one of the European leading independent communications specialists.

We continue to invest in high quality networks to meet the demand for bandwidth. Together with our partners and suppliers we will ensure that our customers have access to the best solutions available.
Our Executive team integrates leadership throughout the organization: sales leadership to build and maintain customer relationships, operational leadership to ensure efficient service delivery, technical leadership to develop innovative solutions, and business leadership to best position our organization within the marketplace.
Unique Team
Our people and our culture: We hire a unique group of people that have a rare mix of technical and customer service skills, with a desire to constantly improve the level of service we provide to our clients.

That's the number 1 reason we have been able to grow quickly and keep long-term relationships with our clients.
Global Points of

ECO Networks has put together a well-connected Voice and Data network in the main world’s telecommunication hubs. The network is is interconnected to the major voice carriers and exchanges in Europe, North America and Asia

International Carrier Services

Increased Revenue and Margin

We can use our global voice network to deliver the calls either to your servers or in many cases direct to your customers, which is is ideal for communication providers with high...
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